Cayton Bay waves

Dramatic views from Killerby Cliffs

Between Filey and Scarborough there’s Cayton Bay a popular surf spot (water at 14°C in August) and family resort. 

Pic taken from John Pullan

Scarborough’s Surf School has a Catalan guy, Xavi, as a Stand Up Paddle instructor. He will work for them until the end of the Summer.

Surf memories and trips (Portugal, Canary Islands, Basque Country…) came to me as I talked to the young blond boy that also works in the surfshop&school. Now, as a mum of two, I can’t see when I would be able to ride a wave again… I have practised loads of sports during my life and I can tell that what I felt the only time I could make it into a tube of water, was one of the most beautiful things I have ever seen. Surfing is hard, tough and cold but it is magic.

Shot taken from thesurfacademy

I don’t know if my kids would enjoy surfing and, I reckon, I would be a little scared if they get into big waves.


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