Dover – Calais – Vierzon

Having slept for as little as six hours, between campervans and motorhomes in Dover Seafront, we take a ferry to Calais. 

It is going to be a long day on the road!

At am temperature rise up to 35°C. Our 25 years old campervan has no aircon. Windows down and loads of water. At 3pm we reach Paris. Temperature at 40°C. Gina is sleeping and Guiu behaviour is very good. 

We have problems with the GPS. It’s so hot that the phone starts malfunction all the time. We take a wrong exit before A86 but fortunately we can easily get back on the route! 

Around seven we exit at Vierzon. We find a Municipal Campsite named Vierzon Bellon (11.40€: pitch+2adults+tax séjour- kids free under 10)

I’ve checked our old posts back in 2014 and we did the same stops after the ferry. We also overnighted in Vierzon, but in a car park, and the weather was much colder!


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